Messing Around with Photoshop

Added a bokeh texture to the dragonfly picture I took. In this one, the background had been just white. In the cougar one, I bought the pictures from stock sites, and then with the model, did a lot of work on her. The Wolf Pack one was a lovely gift to me from Nicole of Rainy Day Artwork. I bought the cover for the book that matches the artwork. Love her work.

I was finally, finally sleeping this morning at 2:45 am when some idiot drunks called seven times. Couldn’t get back to sleep because I started to think about what I needed to do concerning my wolf story, and that was the end of sleep. I wrote some. Then I came in to blog and my dogs think that at 4:50, it’s time to get up. Nope, go back to sleep and appreciate that you can!

Have a great one. I feel a nap coming on…


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2 thoughts on “Messing Around with Photoshop

    • I just keep busy lots! If I watch tv, I’m still working on a story or making a bear. Need to get a couple of more bears done, but trying to get Silver Town Wolf Christmas finished first. 🙂 And then I can watch a movie!

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