Chickadees and Cardinals

I adore chickadees (rarely see them, but my rosebush has grown to five feet tall and cover the feeders, so I think they feel safer to feed), and I had two of them at the same time, but they’re so quick that I couldn’t catch two of them together at once. And the little female cardinal is a baby. I pictured her momma and daddy yesterday. There are two babies.

Sooooo, I did get my word count, but I also spent tons of time trying to fix things. I took a broom handle to the disposal. Yay! It worked.

I talked to Apple techs for an hour and a half, and finally, finally got my issue resolved. And the plumbers fixed my plumbing. So those were three of the MAJOR issues I needed to fix. The phone still does its out of control like a robot has gone haywire alerts. And my tires still say they need inflating.  Well, not the tires exactly, but the idiot light in the car does.

So that’s not bad, really. The three really important things were fixed. The others…I still need to resolve. The issue with my Mac came up when I did an update. The issue with my phone came up when I did an update. Do you see a pattern here????

Okay, 10,000 words to go to get word count, AND I have edits on a book I need to finish and turn in, so happy weekend, everyone!


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