Hunger Pangs

Gray Wolf wanting to eat; Tiger eating…

Ready for breakfast? A steak on the rare side. Boltz, the gray wolf is eyeing the food the other wolves are enjoying, tail down, head down, he watches them, but he doesn’t approach until the hunger pangs just get to be too much for him.

Well, I managed 3500 words on Cougar Magic, though I really wanted to do more. Up to 25,500. Thirty-five thousand to go. I hope to make it to 35,000 this weekend to be at the halfway point.

But I had to go back into Silver Town and I’m making some major changes. Ugh. It’ll make the book much better, BUT, even a small revision can have a rippling effect throughout the book. With major changes, moving a later scene or several earlier, means some things haven’t happened yet. It’s like a time warp that leaves the reader–me–totally discombobulated. lol The first 6 chapters were unaffected. I’ve reworked chapters 7-10, and I couldn’t handle it any more last night. I think around ch 15 through 28 are okay, not sure, so I’ll have to rewrite chapters 11-15 today. I remind myself this is all for the better and it will be done again. Then I’ll reread it all over again and send it to my beta reader to see what she thinks. And, I still want to keep up with my word count on the other book.

Okay, off to write before I have to run errands. Remember the hunger pangs business? I need to get my dogs dog food or I have to feed them my food. Not happening. Have a terrific day!!!

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