Flower Power

Indian Blanket, Black-eyed Susan, Bluebells

As hot as it is, I went to a luncheon, and found some flowers I wanted at a Home Depot nearby–some butterfly weed, pentas (that hummingbirds love, and I didn’t get this year, not enough room, but I’m making room), and firebrush to plant for butterflies and hummingbirds and for photo ops. Eegads, when I looked at the label when I got home, it says the firebrush grows from 12-24 feet wide. Well, the last one I had died, so I’ll try one again, but the hummingbirds will flock to it. They’re on their way to southern countries, so hanging around here for now. I planted 3 of the flower pots last night, need to plant the other 3 this morning before it gets too hot. We were supposed to have rain. Fat chance of that!

On the writing front, when I run errands and especially go out to a luncheon, it takes me a while to get back into my writing. I had done edits on both Silver Town Wolves and on Cougar Magic in the morning before I went, but only had 500 word count on Cougar Magic. I needed 2,000 to make my word goal. I’m 10K ahead, but I want to be aheader (author prerogative to make up words when I need a word that doesn’t exist) than that. So I I’m doing good, but want to be even further ahead because I’ll be getting return edits on the jaguar book and the other wolf book, and Silver Town and I’ll have to stop to do those for days….But, I managed to get 2500, and 10,000 steps in, yay!! I was listening to some wilder epic music on Youtube that had good beats to it, so I was stepping it up and writing at the same time. Yay, for music inspiration.

Okay, before it gets too much later this morning, I’m off to write!

Enjoy your day!!!

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2 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. Good morning Terry, hope you enjoy your luncheon,
    weather nasty is showing me at 10:40 am it feels like 92 and high humidity & dew point
    your garden continues growing.beautiful.

    • Ugh, it’s hot here too. I meant to get out and plant the other 3 buckets of flowers, but didn’t. And I think it’s too hot now. I’ll try tonight maybe. Luncheon was a Brazilian food and really delicious. I hope it cools down for you soon!! I couldn’t believe it was so hot up there when I visited in July. 🙂

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