Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas

Many moons ago, that’s like in werewolf language, I started making bears. And I began going to craft shows and to the Dallas Market Center to sell them and learned that you had to start creating seasonal bears really early for market. The same with writing seasonal work. I used to sell romances to the romance magazines and for all the short stories I wrote, most were seasonal and had to be written months in advance.

So I was looking for my decorations for fall and Halloween and I don’t even want to think about Christmas, yet, my Christmas story: Silver Wolves Making Spirits Bright is back from my last beta reader–yay! And so that’s the first thing I’m working on this morning so I can send the mss off to my publisher.  That book will come out next year around September.

I’m also making one final Halloween bear, and I want to get started on an old world Santa. I’ve sold the last 3 I had. I have cloaks for two started, I think. And I need to make the bears. Then I’m thinking, great, I’ve got to find my Christmas decorations I can use for display. lol I do not want to bring out Christmas decorations yet.

I finished two more bears and need to ship them and some books today, but I have 3 more bear orders to complete. Once I finish the edits on Silver Town wolves, I need to return to the novella Day of the Wolf. I completely rewrote the 4,000-word start, to have a completely new hero, and the heroine is now from Silver Town, and not the outsider. Now it’s up to 5,000, but it needs to reach 20-25,000 minimum. With baby here, I managed to edit it, and that was about it. So today, other than shipping bears and books, I planned to concentrate on Day of the Wolf, until I got the beta reader’s edits for Silver Town.

See how that works?  Best laid plans…

Off to get started! Have a wonderfully fun and exciting day!!!

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5 thoughts on “Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas

  1. good day my Lady
    You have been very busy already today.
    WOW, those were some very amazing Sunrise photos/
    bears and more bears
    books and more books
    yeah !

    • lol, yes!!! Keeps me out of trouble. lol The sunrise was beautiful! Last night I looked for a sunset, but blah. So the sunrise made up for it! 🙂

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