Bears and No Writing!

I shipped off bears and books yesterday and then??? I still couldn’t think of where to go with my novella, so I didn’t. Go. Anywhere. With. It. That’s okay. I had to think about it. And I’ve been trying to come up with a good reason the bad guys were after her.

Now I have it and baby’s coming. “Sigh” But I did finish making up three more bears, the two above and a brand new wild olive green bear, picture coming.

We had thunderstorms yesterday, really needed the rain! More possibly today and tomorrow and the next day.

Okay, so do you ever get organized and still can’t find anything? Raising hand.

Have a great day!!!

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2 thoughts on “Bears and No Writing!

    • lol, I really organized a lot of my bear fur and materials and now I can’t find the Santa mohair beard material for the life of me. *sigh*

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