Bears and Writing!

That’s more like it!

While baby was here, I actually managed to finish up a few bears AND wrote 1,000 words on the novella. I had come up with more of the idea of the heroine’s connection to the bad guys and so I rewrote some more of the novella. And we took a long walk, which is where I took the picture of the mushroom in the tree. Mushrooms in trees and around the base of a tree can indicate health issues for the tree, though it makes for a cool picture.  And I have a few Halloween decorations up because I was looking for stuff to use as props for my bears.

I’m still working on a bear for an order–a larger bear with a Patriotic Patrick cloak and hat. I redesigned the arms for the particular bear, but I have to design a cloak to fit that size bear. And I’m working on a Santa Bear. Now, if I could only remember where I put the Santa mohair for beards. See, I organized things. If I had left it where it’s been, I’d know exactly where it was.

Okay, I’m off to write. Kids and grandbaby and I are getting together tonight to watch the Jurassic Park movie and have dinner. So I need to write what I’m going to write early. I hope to have 3,000 today. I’m at 6,000 now. 14K to go.

Have a super day!! We’ve got thunderstorms headed our way…

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