Innocent or Guilty?

Fog Early in the Morning

My daughter, a dietician for one of the school districts, was telling me a story about what happened at her work one day. You have to be let into the building. You can’t just walk in, but they pretty much let anyone in who buzzes because parents have to come in to fill out dietary plans and such for stuff at the school district. And their cafe is open to anyone.

So one day, they let in a possible knife-wielding murderer.

This is how the story goes: Man is buzzed in and he hurries to the men’s room. He’s in there for 40 minutes, and they know something’s not right. They send in the only man in their department to check it out. The guy is shirtless, wet from washing his chest and hands. And when the staff member asked why he was there, he said he was hiding.

Now, they hadn’t heard the news that a police bulletin for a knife-wielding murderer had just gone out, not until after the staff member said he couldn’t stay there. He was thinking the guy was hiding from bad guys, not that he could be hiding from police. But after they learned they were looking for a man who had committed murder, they called the police and gave a statement.

Story idea for fiction from real life?

When I worked at the library, we had a man rush inside and then “hide” between books, pretending to be reading. The police came in right after that and asked if I’d seen a man fitting his description. Luckily, I had, and they arrested him. I don’t know what for, but you just never know when you might find trouble at a job where you never thought you might! And it can make for great fiction!

Okay, so I did get all my promo blogs done, and the bear done, but my editor sent a note that she didn’t like my ghosts in the last book I turned in. She’s lucky she didn’t see it when I had 12 other ghosts in the story, but I took those out before she even saw it. lol

I even had a really neat grizzly shifter in one of my stories, but I figured she might not like it so I took him out. I still loved those scenes. I’ll have to write a book with him in it later.

Little White Bear for a Wedding Gift

I had baby all day, so hadn’t had time to really read my editor’s notes…but one change can mean rewriting the whole book. And I like the way I wrote it. It’s one thing if you write a book that needs to be rewritten because it doesn’t make sense or has major flaws. Another, if someone just doesn’t like something. My editor doesn’t like ghosts or psychics.

So I’m off to look it over and see what needs to be done about it. On my indie books, I don’t have issues like that. My readers love them. Thankfully!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!! I’m determined to have one too!


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2 thoughts on “Innocent or Guilty?

  1. The Bear looks beautiful. thanks. I will take a picture with her Cousins
    LOL, yeah well they maybe in another house but they are still family
    if you know what I mean.
    Your editor doesn’t like ghosts or psychics.?
    Her imagination needs a “sense of humor”

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