Easter and a Valentine’s Day Bear

I’m still going over issues my editor had with my book, but took a break to play with bears. And shipped the other bear I had for an order. Today, I’ll be continuing to work on the edits. I worked on Claiming the White Bear edits from my first beta reader too.

I need to get started on the new wolf book too though. I still need to figure out the characters.

Who are they really? The fun with having a new sub-series, even though it’s still in Silver Town, and that’s an established wolf series, these characters are all new, so it will be fun to start fresh. Blank slates. Babes in the woods.

So what kind of characters should they be? What dark pasts? Secrets? What are their goals? What motivates them toward that goal? What makes it so pressing? Without urgency, there isn’t a story. What conflicts can I throw in their path? The Wolff brothers and sisters run the ski lodge, so they have occupations. But what about the heroine who shows up? What does she do?

With the brothers and sisters, what makes each of them perfectly unique? I might not have the sisters show up right away. Overpopulating stories with characters can make it hard for readers to keep up.

Those are things I keep pondering, until I finally just start writing.

I’m off to work on edits. Have a super great TGIF!!!


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2 thoughts on “Easter and a Valentine’s Day Bear

  1. Good morning Terry
    All your Easter Parade are Beautiful!
    WOW,,, blank slate that’s tricky especially coming up with names that are no in other books.
    I will think that finding the name that fit a character can be a PAIN for a writer.
    from personal experience as a reader …
    I have been reading from this writer I had 28 of the “original series” I was even a RPin one of the fan characters… for the one I considered the first book that from my point of view. From this writer i have a few books from other series under the same name after a while I could no keep the stories straight to many of the first names were the same … that was the end.

    • Thanks so much, Lola!! Yeah, it’s really hard because I have so many series out to find a name I haven’t already used! And they have to be heroic names, not just fun or they aren’t “romantic” enough. Yeah, too many names that are the same is a real problem. And also, it drives me crazy when an author has names that can be boy or girl. Maybe because my name is that way and so everyone is confused. I read one where the men were called, what I thought were feminine names, and the women, male names. I could never keep it straight. 🙂

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