More Watercolor in Photoshop Fun

Some more fun with Photoshop watercolor work as fans sent me their cat pictures. And I did one with my dogs! The one on the fence is a neighbor’s cat that I caught prowling for my birds on the feeders!

I worked on edits to Bear in Mind and Angel Fae yesterday, and will work on some more, but also on You Had Me at Cougar. I can’t decide which story to run with. They’re all around 20K. So for the young adult, Angel Fae, I need another 30K, and for the adult novels, at least 50K. And I still need to write the Christmas novella for the anthology. It will only be between 20-25K,–though sometimes they end up being around 30K, it just depends. If I can get an idea, I can actually write it in short order.

Bear in Mind and You Had Me at Cougar and Saving the White Cougar are somewhat intertwined, so I’m trying to decide which–You or Bear comes first. Saving the White Cougar is done and comes after.

So many stories, so much drama, so much figuring out. But this morning, I’m going to walk before it gets beastly hot today! I put off walking yesterday so I could walk to my daughter’s house last night for dinner, then they made the dinner an hour later and I was afraid I’d be walking in the dark. When I drove home last night, I realized I still would have probably been walking in the fading light, so I should have done it. But you see, I put walking off and then didn’t get any in.

It’s warmer this morning, so need to get this done. Once I start writing, it’s too hot out and I want to keep writing.

Well, I’m off and walking. Have a beautiful day!


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