Memorial Digital Watercolors for Pets

Well, I opened up requests to do digital watercolors for fans on Facebook and so here are some that I have done. They’re fun to do. The first two are memorial pictures, the others are not. Baby, sneaking under the fence, is my neighbor’s dog and I think she’s passed though.

I need to walk this morning though. We’re supposed to get rain at 7 and it’s 6:50, so I might not make it. 74% chance by 8. But they say things like that and then we have no rain for hours, or it comes early, so what do they know? And if I put it off, then I will be annoyed with myself. lol It’s already very warm and muggy and getting hot today.

I was fighting with myself about taking my camera yesterday, and I took it, knowing I’d be disappointed if I saw something picture worthy and didn’t take it. Sure enough, I found a beautiful great blue heron in the pond, so I took several pictures of it.

Okay, so this guy sees me taking pictures of the heron. So what does he do? Comes straight at us with his dog. Now, the bird and I are way off the beaten path. Most people just walk along the sidewalk and they hopefully clean up their dogs’ messes on the grass beside the walkways. He could have waited to walk his dog in our direction, if he just HAD to walk his dog where I was. But nope. Most everyone I meet are super friendly and really nice.  If I had seen someone taking pictures like that, I would never have done that! Still, I’m thinking he could go in a book. Some people just need to be character analyzed further. If he’d been a kid, I would have understood. The kid would have wanted to get closer to the heron to see it, or chase it off.

I managed edits on You Had Me at Cougar and Angel Fae and Bear in Mind, still trying to come up with a story for the Christmas anthology. It needs to be a mystery. He’s a homicide detective, but it doesn’t have to involve dead bodies. You need an overwhelming, obsessive goal for the character and his is wanting to be turned into a wolf shifter. He works with them now, but nobody wants to turn him. So I need to just come up with the rest of the story. lol

Hope you all have a great day! My dogs want to be fed. And I need to get out and walk.


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