Using Watercolor Brushes for Photoshop on Kitty Cats

I’m really having fun with the watercolor course that Mindy offered through her Magnolia Textures. These are some my fans’ cats and I enjoyed turning them into watercolors with Photoshop. I did these last night after I had finished working on Billionaire for the night. It’s still not done, but I finished the one scene and the other scene is partly done. I have to figure out how to end it!

In the meantime though, I worked on edits of the first 20 pages of Angel Fae and of Bear in Mind before it was time to go to sleep.

Yesterday, more daylilies had come out, so I was out doing some more picture taking. I had walked the half mile to my daughter’s house to help her take her baby to the ENT since it was nice and cool out, and I carried my camera with me figuring if I didn’t, I would miss taking pictures of something interesting. I was wrong. The field of wildflowers that would normally be blooming like crazy was cut down before it even had a chance, so disappointing, and not one great heron was at any of the ponds. I saw a few turtles, but I can take better photos of them when I’m close up while we’re feeding them.

Instead of picture taking, I figured my camera was extra weight to help me exercise. You have to look at the positive. So we get to the doctor’s office, the baby’s appointment is a week later. No problem. It’s just a dry run.  lol

I’m off to do edits on Angel Fae and Bear in Mind and then printing out more pages. Sometimes while I’m working on books, it will suddenly hit me where I want to go with a particular book, so I can run with it. So I’ll just do edits on a bunch that are works in progress and then really get going with one until I can finish it. I’m also working on You Had Me at Cougar, and United Shifter Force Christmas.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!! Mine is on it’s way to getting started. Have another cat picture from a fan to watercolor. So much fun!


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