Using Watercolor Brushes to Create Watercolor Photography

I used Mindy’s watercolor brushes and course from Magnolia Textures to create these. They were fun and easy and just something new to do with Photoshop! I am still experimenting, so having fun with it when I have time. Since I couldn’t think last night about Billionaire, I worked on these pictures instead.

I took the picture of the great white heron on the walk with little one. Thankfully, she’s been very good about not scaring away the birds I’m trying to photograph. When I used to take the dogs for a walk, they would lie down while I took pictures of things. I quit taking them because they were such a nuisance with other dogs. They love little dogs and would bark to greet them. They bark at big dogs too. I would like to take them to the dog park again. Now that I’m vaccinated, I hadn’t thought of it, I can do that again!

The other picture is of an alpha male wolf at the Wildlife Center in Omaha. The one is with the original background, and the other is after I had already changed the background using a texture.  I so want to go to the reserve again! The last few years I’ve gone, it has been closed due to first snowfall, even in October.

Anyway, I’m going to try and get something done this morning on Billionaire before I have to go with my daughter to the pediatrician. I just still need to figure out how to end the story!

Sometimes it’s really clear to me by the end. This time, it isn’t. I’m sure that has something to do with having so many distractions in my life right now!

It’s so nice out this morning, but the temperature’s going to heat up again!


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