Baby Cardinal on Feeder–Photo Art

This is a baby cardinal, added an overlay and new background to create the photo art.

It was chilly all day which made for the perfect time to plant flowers. We picked up a bunch. Note to self, don’t take 4 year old to pick out flowers. She was grabbing all the colors she wanted–pink for her, purple for me. I put one back, she put it back on the cart. Okay, so I have to admit it’s one of the ones I love best! But I was trying to get a drift of colors in the same shade rather than an individual that just stuck out. It was the only one like it.

May be an image of flower and outdoors

But we had a ball and after she got tired of helping me plant and weed, she unwound my hose to water things, which were already wet, so I had to show her how to wind it back up. We also went for our walk to feed the turtles. She has to sit on my lap so she doesn’t have to worry about the fire ants. What about Grandma?  lol

Then we headed home and she was ready. We did work books on writing her letters. I really need to work on those with her each day she’s here.

Otherwise, we had a lovely time. We might repeat more of that today. I had bought some more rocks and a couple of more pavers that I need to put out.

We got my TV up on the wall last night too. Yeah! I was afraid with little one, she’d pull on one of the stand legs and there would go my TV. I need to figure out a way to hide the cords.

I thought of a piece of furniture on top of the furniture, something that would fit there. I’ll have to see what I can find. Maybe a bookshelf kind of think to go under the TV and then I can fill it with more books. That’s always a good thing.

Well, I did a little more editing, but I really just need to write 2 more scenes. My granddaughter wore me out yesterday, so when she went home at 6, I just watched a couple of programs. I just couldn’t think.

Maybe I can get more done tonight. No nap for little one yesterday, sigh. Maybe I can get her down for a nap today.

Have a super day!!! Ours is going to be fun filled!


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