The Power of Flowers

A rose surrounded by purple flowers is a rose in a happy place.

Purple flowers are happy flowers. 

Can you tell that I love purple flowers? They add a bit of love to a garden of flowers.

We had a thunderstorm come in last night and it really cooled down the area! Yay! My house was 80 degrees so I opened the windows and had that nice cool breeze coming in. It’s been so hot and muggy first thing in the mornings that makes it feel like the middle of summer. So this morning, it’s cool and beautiful, and my granddaughter and I will walk, feed the turtles, and do a million other things. We’re going to do some workbooks, plant the rest of the daylilies, I managed to get the rest of the flower seeds planted, make lunch together–she loves helping in all things–and whatever else we can come up with. Maybe even weed. Though I need to check our storm situation out too. Hmm, chance of storms increase by ten, so we’ll have to go out first thing.

On the book front–I’ve been working on it all week, like every week, every day, moving scenes, editing, cutting, adding, cutting, adding. And I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes it feels there isn’t one, but I went over a couple of scenes last night and they’re great. I need to finish another scene, and then I need to figure out the ending. A nice conflictive, 360 degree turn from the beginning of the story to the end–and then it’s done! Then I can just read it for editing pleasure. I can’t wait!

I love it when it comes to that. Because I can’t wait to finish up some other stories I’ve started. Like about 5 of them! Though I have a lot more that I’ve started than that. But that’s the goal. Write the story, finish the story, share with the world.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day! Mine is just about to get started!


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