Random Cats

Some of the cat pictures my fans have sent me–beautiful cats. And some I’ve taken of neighboring cats, or like the black and white at a writer’s retreat and the orange and white at Old Town Spring, just lazing around.

I worked on Claiming the White Bear, up to 15,000, I think, now. I have to type my notes to see. I started it last Christmas at my son’s house, but then had to stop to work on deadline books once they were contracted. Well, I started on them before that, actually, because I wouldn’t have had the time to write them otherwise. I’d like to just write and write and write, but you know, the words have to make sense. I often hear: wow, that’s a lot of words. Heart of the Wolf was actually 123,000 words, and then the novella was 25,000, and that’s a lot of words for the new release anniversary book. But they have to tell a story.

Anyway, so I was also working on SEAL Wolf Surrender with one of my beta readers. What happened to so and so? What happened to another so and so? Did he know that the hero was the same person he’d tried to murder before? Where was the purse with the listening bug? Yes! I love my beta readers! They catch things that I didn’t!!!

So hopefully all loose ends tied up, I sent it to my other beta reader who will find any other problems, and then it’s off to my publisher.

In the meantime, I’m NOT sitting idly by. I’m sill waiting for the clan fabric to make the Celtic Clan bear, the black and white fur to make the two pandas, and I want to get started on the last wolf book in the contract, due Oct 1st. And I want to get started on the fae book for this year, the Highland book, and Stryker’s story, next in the cougar series. If I wrote them all as novellas, they’d be done. lol But my readers want longer, so I’m working on novels for all of them. I also have a ton of older stories I continually revise when I have a break, or get stuck on the new stuff. Sometimes, they are more work than writing a new book. BUT, sometimes, after major revisions, they are my best sellers.

Okay, off to write!!! Our heat index is already 88 degrees. Ugh. Oh, and my daughter is the Cheshire Cat.

Have a great one!!!


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  1. Good day my Multitasking friend.
    L♥ve the cats, I figure out your daughter is the Cheshire Cat
    That’s a lot of words…
    I cannot understand the ” number of words” need in and specific book…I mean if you are short of a few words or your writing went 12 words more …..

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