Trying to Get Baby to Sleep

I think sometimes it’s easier writing a whole novel.

Pictured: slug, toadstool–one of my readers said that her dad used to say that some are made for a fairy’s bed, and some for an umbrella. This one was definitely a fairy’s bed. And this is the tallest coneflower I have.

Okay, was cutting out bears, but still trying to put baby down for a nap. We took a walk in the heat, fed her, now she has a bottle, and….well, we’re still working on the closing eyes and falling asleep part. lol At least I have two white bears cut out, working on angel bears, one is sold, four pandas cut out, two are sold, two light purple, one sold. And working on cutting out five butterscotch bears, one for a steampunk that is sold.

Baby’s asleep! I knew I could do it!

Anyway, and I was working on the story idea for Stryker’s cougar story, need a shorter title than what I have, another story that will be a Highland medieval wolf shifter, Claiming the White Bear. I do that sometimes, work on different stories until I get an idea for the next book.

All right, I’m pinned to my desk, so need to figure out what to do until baby wakes up.

Have a great day!!!


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