I Didn’t Do Anything Yesterday!

At least that’s the way I feel. I did get baby down for a 2 1/2 hour nap, and then a 1 1/2 hour nap, worked all day on Cougar Magic cover, when I could. It’s book 6 in the series.

I cut out the rest of 15 bears this morning. the ten I’d finished cutting out yesterday. And I did set up the folder for the new silver book, the new cougar book, the new Woodland Fae book and wrote 1500 words, and made the changes to Claiming the White Bear. So how can I see that as having done nothing?

Everything I’m working on is far from being done, that’s why! It’s all the beginning. I sewed on several of the bears, still need to sew up bear heads, and sew in the soles on some of the bear legs. But guess what?  I’m missing bear ears for Bubblegum Bear. Huh!

And somehow I’m missing a panda bear leg. (I cut out 4 of those bears and they have lots of extra pieces, eye patches and their body has 4 parts instead of 2) I’m hoping I find Bubblegum’s ears in the bottom of the box of bears-to-sew, and that the panda bear leg slipped in there also. But wait, I’m missing more! I had thought I’d cut out 4 heads for the panda bears and 2 for angel bears, all in white. I have all the gussets, the center piece on the top of the head that goes to the nose. Huh!

No big deal, really. But it means dragging out all the stuff again to cut out what I missed. Yet, it is ONLY the beginning. I have to turn bear parts inside out, sew ear ends together, attach legs and arms to bodies, stuff arms and legs, sew the ends up. Then come the heads. Trim face, eyes next. Do you hear that? Eyes first! Yes, when I’ve been doing a lot of bears and watching  a riveting TV show, I have been known to attach a head BEFORE I put in the eyes. I’ve been making them for many years, and I think I’ve done it 3 times. lol

So EYES first. Then attach the head, stuff the head, close the head, attach the ears and sew the nose. For the pandas, another step. I have to sew on the eye patches, but I have to insert eyes through the eye patches too. Trying to remind myself. I haven’t made them for a few years. lol

And then dresses for the angel bears, sash and bonnet for the clan bear, steampunk jackets, dresses and hats, and paws on the panda and Celtic bear need to be embroidered.

And I’m a long way from finishing any books because I’ve just started them. And that’s okay. I have to remind myself this all the time. In the beginning, it’s just the beginning. If I keep working at it, everything will get done.

Off to search for Bubblegum’s ears. I just have to have cut them out. lol And panda’s leg too. The heads? I probably goofed on it.

Have a great day where nothing has gone missing!!


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