Gardening–the Good and the Bad…

Top left corner is Virginia Creeper and though it can be very pretty, they say not to plant it next to fences, houses, and ornamental trees! It’s very aggressive. I already have problems with wild blackberries, grape, and not sure what the other really thorny vine is that I have to keep cutting out. So out comes the Virginia Creeper. Next is a good plant. I wasn’t sure, but it’s watermelon! And yes, I planted the seeds. Just all over. So forgot. lol

The next could be the world’s biggest weed. I have no idea. I’ve never seen it before. Someone said it could be wild violet, but it has no flowers. And the last by the stones is a lovely crepe myrtle that came out of nowhere. I love crepe myrtles! I have no idea what color of flower it will be, so it will be a fun surprise.

I’m off to ship bears this morning. Finished the next St. Patrick Bear and got the first Santa Bear ready to ship.

I’m still working on edits to SEAL and working on Claiming the White Bear while waiting on beta reads.

Several more bears to make! Have a fun day!!!

I’ve got to get back to work!


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