Merry Christmas Early!

So we’re celebrating Christmas today. Last night my daughter emailed me and asked if I got the tortillas. You know, for the breakfast tacos. Now, when I picked up the dinner fixings on Thursday, I asked her what else I needed. Nothing.

So no tortillas for breakfast tacos. She said that meant they were deconstructed breakfast tacos. Just remember that. If you don’t have all the ingredients for a meal, they’re….deconstructed. lol

I figured I get up early enough before they all wake up and I’d get my daughter and myself a drink from Starbucks on the way to the grocery store. My son-in-law only drinks Dr. Pepper.

Now, yes, we have a lot of crime in the area, we’re a suburb of Houston after all, BUT we also have a lot of nice folks. When I pulled up to the window to pay for our drinks, the cashier said that the man ahead of me had bought my drinks. Merry Christmas.

You know how that made me feel? Like spreading the cheer. What a sweet thing to do. There are indeed truly nice people in the world.

I told the Hispanic cashier at the grocery store about no tortillas for breakfast tacos as I was buying them and she laughed. I’ve never had them so this is all a mystery to me. I told her about my daughter saying they were deconstructed. If you can make someone smile today, go for it!

My daughter emailed me and said little one is running around like crazy, and my son-in-law is zonked out.

That’s okay. I need to blog, get my camera ready, work on a vampire romance and when they get here, have a truly lovely family Christmas.

Merry Christmas early!


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