A Star Wars Christmas

My daughter created this door for their door contest and didn’t win. I can’t imagine why not! She had my vote!

Christmas was great! The breakfast tacos had tortillas and they were great. We had a roast and then fajitas that night, so perfect! Except little one had been running a fever the day before and last night while I watched her and they went out to get groceries, her cheeks turned bright red and she was running a fever again.

Hopefully, she’ll be alright for their Christmas in Waco. And we won’t get it too!

I am still writing on the vampire story. Despite all the wild activities, I managed 1,000 words after they finally left and I have more ideas. As to the Highland story I need to write, nada. If I could write fantasy, I’d jump run in. I also still need to finish Joy to the Wolves and do a special FB party thing for tomorrow. They told me I need to prepost it, so need to figure that out!

I’m off to write! Have a fun day!


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2 thoughts on “A Star Wars Christmas

  1. Greetings Terry, at 40 F you most be freezing, we warm to 42 F yesterday for a few hours.
    at 34 F this morning may reach 40 F today and tomorrow and ifi for Christmas, I haven’t heard any white powder coming our way… we really don’t need it have plenty outside.!!
    Happy Writing is “JOY TO THE WOLF ” coming before the end of 2019?
    Hope Keira gets better and none of you get sick too.

    • I am freezing! 🙂 But it will warm up a bit today. We’re supposed to have 70 for Christmas! Which seems too warm! Hope you warm up a bit!!! Joy to the Wolf is next years Christmas book. We have to write them a year in advance. The books I’m starting on in the new year will be for 2021 release. 2020 books are written for my publisher, though I still have proofing to do on them.

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