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A Crescent Moon on a Texas Winter’s Night

Moon on a Texas Winter's Night

Do you ever just take a moment and look at the stars in the sky? Or at the sunset? The moon? The world around us, day or night? I decided, now that I’ve moved my desk where I can see out the window, I need to have a bird feeder by the window so I can watch the antics of the birds. sunset and clouds (800x573)

My road runner continues to hop around my windowsills when I have the blinds closed. But I only rarely get a picture of him before I scare him off. 🙁 Then again, what if I had bird feed out for the little birds and the road runner wanted to eat them. Meals on wings. Not what I wanted to picture at all.

roadrunner pillar (674x800)

I finished tons of deadline projects, which means I have to get caught up with chores, and then, it’s back to working on Jaguar Pride. I have 29,000 done. 51,000 words to go! 🙂

If you put bird feed out for birds, what are you attracting? I’ve had hummingbird feeders before, but the problem is they attract yellow jackets and they’re already a nightmare out here, so can’t have that.

Have a terrific Monday! 🙂

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

Do You Ever Just… Look Around You?

Dark skys bare trees silhouetted (640x427) (2)

I thought this was an interesting view of the storm clouds highlighting the bare branches of winter.

I was reading tips on photography and one of the things that was said was to take unusual views of an object, like instead of taking a picture looking down at a flower, take one from the side. Or from beneath it. I thought that was neat. For flowers, add some water droplets for interest. Maybe don’t take a picture of the whole object, but a special part of it.  I noticed on model photos that I want to use for my book covers, a lot of them have parts of the people cut off. It’s kind of odd. But maybe it’s more dramatic that way in some instances. Not all. I have some lovely pictures of the whole model for some of my covers.

And then if I want to cut off heads, or other body parts, I can. 🙂

Zoo with coyotes barking 074 (427x640)I cut off a lot of bird parts here. *sigh* But I did catch 7 whole flamingos and the reflection of 4 of them in the water. 🙂

Zoo with coyotes barking 031 (427x640)Okay, so the birds would NOT cooperate. It’s not the photographers fault!

Zoo with coyotes barking 025 (640x427)

Hey, it is a cool shot of flamingo reflections right? So sometimes head shots just aren’t important!

Off to write! Have a wonderful TGIF!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

Interesting Pinnacles in Savannah

AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 076 (533x800)

Some of the interesting old buildings and statues  and memorials in Savannah. Love interesting architecture like this. Just like I love clouds. 🙂

Pinnacles seen from cemetery.

AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 192 (533x800)

The Cotton Exchange.

Cotton Exchange 1 (533x800)

Church pinnacle.

AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 220 (533x800)

Clock tower.

AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 223 (533x800)

Golden Dome of City Hall.

AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 230 (533x800)

Another lovely church.

AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 233 (435x800)

It was so much fun in Savannah because we could walk everywhere if we wanted, or take a free trolley car ride. And take tons of pictures! 🙂

I’m here with a giveaway!!! I’m listening to the narration of Bound by Danger for the audio book and totally forgot I was anywhere today. 🙂 So be sure and stop by! Only one comment so far–chance at a win! 🙂 http://masoncanyon.blogspot.com/2013/08/author-terry-spear-jaguar-research-and.html

Back to writing! 🙂

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”