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Birds Flocked Together

bird and purple flowers (640x427) (2)

birds flocking in the purple flowers

4 birds on branch (640x427)

birds flew up to the branches above

birds in flight on feeders (640x427)

then they massed on the feeders across the road we were walking on

I liked the arrangement of the feeders. Plenty for all.

Pictures of birds in Scotland on the walk to the ruins of Caisteal Maol, “The Bare Castle,” Isle of Skye.


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A Crescent Moon on a Texas Winter’s Night

Moon on a Texas Winter's Night

Do you ever just take a moment and look at the stars in the sky? Or at the sunset? The moon? The world around us, day or night? I decided, now that I’ve moved my desk where I can see out the window, I need to have a bird feeder by the window so I can watch the antics of the birds. sunset and clouds (800x573)

My road runner continues to hop around my windowsills when I have the blinds closed. But I only rarely get a picture of him before I scare him off. 🙁 Then again, what if I had bird feed out for the little birds and the road runner wanted to eat them. Meals on wings. Not what I wanted to picture at all.

roadrunner pillar (674x800)

I finished tons of deadline projects, which means I have to get caught up with chores, and then, it’s back to working on Jaguar Pride. I have 29,000 done. 51,000 words to go! 🙂

If you put bird feed out for birds, what are you attracting? I’ve had hummingbird feeders before, but the problem is they attract yellow jackets and they’re already a nightmare out here, so can’t have that.

Have a terrific Monday! 🙂

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”