Crazy Critters

The juvenile squirrel was trying to get on this feeder, but he kept falling off. The white-winged dove was flapping his wings like crazy trying to get tidbits of seeds on the same little feeder. lol So I caught a few frantic flapping-wing trips to the feeder. They weren’t giving up.

And that’s dedication. Seeds are all over the ground, but somehow the ones in the feeder are worth the effort!

I managed 3,000 words yesterday–getting toward my 89K word goal. Eighty was minimum.

No sugar in my diet for a week now, no cravings. I picked up grapes and cantaloupe, have apples and carrots, so if I feel the urge to have something sweet, I’ve got it. And they taste sweeter now that I’m not eating tons of candy. Though my friend said that dark chocolate has all kinds of health benefits as long as it has 70% cacao, so I’m going to pick up some that have almonds in them (the almonds are also good for you), and have those as backup. BUT only a piece a day, or I undo all I’ve done with being good.

Off to write!

Have a super great day and stay safe!!!


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