Natural Bokeh in Photos

I had to practice at this, getting up close to the object and looking for interesting light behind it.

Here’s a great link to an article about how to do it.

Sometimes it’s impossible to get any distance between your subject and the background, or you can’t get too close or you’ll chase your subject off. But if you have still life to photograph, or subjects that are prone to hold put even if you get closer to them, you can get some interesting effects. I love the bubbled bokeh, but creamy will do too. In the yellow and white mother’s day flowers, the bubbles are yellow esperanza in sunlight, and the flowers were on the patio. So when I went to shoot them, in the shade, the esperanza across the lawn several feet away gave a spectacular yellow bubble effect.

With the purple flowers, the bubbly effect is a waterfall behind them. The fall leaves–light filtering through the trees. The caterpillar–light reflecting off plants, and the wild grasses–that was harder since they were mostly on top of each other. I had to find some that I could get close to and the background faded away.

I try to get the sharpness of the subject, not really paying attention to the background as much, but I joined a group on Facebook to share silhouettes, bokeh, and reflections. I love to do the latter two, so it’s made me make more of an effort to try and find a fun light source behind my subject for natural bokeh when I can.

Ran to the grocery store this morning–empty, yes! Of people that is. I went at 8 am, but learned they are now open at 7 am, so will be going earlier next time. I haven’t gone in 3 weeks, most food in, lots of beef wasn’t available. But I really needed fresh veggies and fruits, and shoot, forgot tilapia and garbage bags. Always something.

And I took a walk first thing before it gets hot.

I’m off to write. Got my 80K in yesterday!!! Yay! So now I need to wrap this puppy up.

Have a great and safe day!!!


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