Adding Textures to Photos

I used Daily Textures and Magnolia Textures to emphasize what I wanted to and exclude the rest. On the zinnia and hummingbird picture, I used the same texture both around the flowers as a background and another on top.

If I had my feeders away from the shrubs, then I could capture a creamy background instead. But the birds like the protection of the vegetation. We have shinned-tail hawks out here that would love to swoop down and have a nice meal too.

I have 3,000 words to go on Red Wolf to make 80,000 words, the minimum word count. Hope to get that today!

I’m on a NO chocolate, NO chips diet. I’ve been doing it for 4 days and feel so much better, lost 3 lbs right away. I don’t eat a lot of processed foods, so no sugar added that way. Yay!

Today, I found this article on sugar and how bad it can be for you. Brain fog? Okay, anything that messes with my writing can’t be good for me.

I needed this!

I’m off to write. Have a super safe and for me, sugar and chips free day. You can’t only eat one.


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