Ack, Synopsis Time!!!– A SEAL Wolf on the Auction Block


I’m in the middle of writing  A Highland Wolf Christmas when the request came for synopses for the next two books. They’re for 2015, and so I have to have a 50-word synopsis–sounds easy, right? Nope. Have to add the sexiness, the world, the humor, the conflict, all in 50 words–did I mention it has to make sense and hook???

Then it’s a 2,000 word synopsis. Wait, I haven’t written the book yet! Yep, got to have it. So that meant doing tons and tons and tons of brainstorming–thanks, Loretta and Bonnie!

And thanks to all my Facebook friends who offered locations for the setting for the newest book: Idaho–Sawtooth Mountains, beautiful lake. I looked for the right cabin, the right interior, pictures of the lake, mountains, trees, and saved all the links, and will get back to it later when I need to write the book. And it’s one place they have wolves. Perfect!

So here’s the synopsis, and a picture of the area. What do you think? Are you ready to bid on a SEAL wolf? Or two?

A SEAL Wolf on the Auction Block

Paul Cunningham and Allan Rappaport are all that are left of Hunter’s SEAL wolf team who are still happily bachelors. They’re too busy eliminating threats, performing special reconnaissance, neutralizing enemy forces, and training allies—to be saddled with the mundane stuff of mated life. When they land in on Allan’s sister for a well-deserved break, they quickly learn she’s signed them up to be on the bachelor auction block to raise money for their small town charity. They haven’t quite trained for this kind of mission.

Lori Greypaw knows her grandmother intends to “buy” Paul Cunningham’s services for the day, though Lori’s had her eye on both of the men for a long time. Her grandmother needs the roof redone on their cabin in the woods, and she says Paul’s the one who knows how to do it. Lori plans to do some interior work on the place, and she sure hopes her grandmother is right or this could be one expensive disaster.


But butting heads with Paul on how things need to be done, and running into a couple of wanted men who decide to use her cabin as a hideaway, wasn’t at all how she planned this. Paul might not be the best roofer in the world, but in a pinch when it’s a matter of life and death, or just needing a body to make her hot, he’s got all the right moves.

Sawtooth Lake in the Sawtooth Wilderness of the Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho
Copyright © Ralph Maughan

Still working on the jaguar one, will post the next day. 🙂 Happy Friday!


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