Gates that Lend Mystery to a Setting….

I took these pictures of interesting gates in Scotland. The first is a gate between the bed and breakfast and the next door home. I loved how it had a bell on top as if at one time the neighbors would ring the bell and say, “Hey, neighbor, want a spot o’ tea?”

Gate B and B Scotland spice (600x800)

In the next picture, this gate led out of  a castle garden and you see a glimpse of the well-manicured, spacious lawns and trees in the park-like setting.

Castle garden Scotland (2) (800x600)

This one surrounded by the hedges went beyond the garden at a different castle.  I loved how the hedge was trimmed as an arbor.

Crathes Castle, Oct, hedge arch pop (800x600)

Don’t you love glimpses of another setting? If these had just been walls or solid hedges, or just a walkway, it wouldn’t have been half as interesting. A gate says there’s accessibility. An openness, yet a barrier, too.  But not a permanent barrier. An invitation to explore what’s on the other side.

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”


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