A Puzzle in Pictures

shop with tree inside (800x533)

This is the beginning of the puzzle in Salado, Texas next to Main Street and the Stagecoach Inn.

oak behind store (800x533)

This is not a red herring. It is a picture of the live oak that has so much to do with the shop pictured above.

tree branch backside of shop1 (800x533)

And, this is more of that live oak–one of its branches reaching out to the shop above.

tree branch inside shop (800x533)

Voila! A puzzle in pictures. Or a connect the branch that ended up in the house. I think the owner said the house was built around 1950 right here next to the Stagecoach Inn. The tree branch grew straight for the house. And rather than cut it off, they allowed it to grow inside. So this is not a fake tree branch attached to a wall for interest! It is real!

And yes! The oddest things fascinate me!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

2 thoughts on “A Puzzle in Pictures

  1. This is the most beautiful sight i have ever had the privalige to see. I would dearly Love to live in a house with a tree growing inside and out. Just amazing. Love it. Thank you Terry for showing this. I am so in awe of this.

    • Karen, I just got back from Houston and I took a picture of a house they built around a tree. 🙂 I’m checking my pictures next to see how they turned out. 🙂 Also, in my jaguar books, I mentioned tree top cabanas built with trees growing through the center of the buildings, which were actual places that I described from the pictures they had of them. Really neat. 🙂

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