The Fighting Leopards

Doesn’t that sound like a sports team?

It started out with the black leopard walking in front of the golden leopard.
leopards fighting (800x535)

Then the next thing I knew, the black leopard got into the golden leopard’s space and you can see her/him growling at the other, mouth wide before he/she took a bite.

leopards fighting3 (800x564)And then there was all kinds of tousling, growling, angry noises….and the golden leopard was definitely the victorious one, the other the beta in the relationship.

leopards fighting 2 (800x548)

Here you can see the black cat’s back feet are pressed against the golden leopard’s chest, keeping that one off, while the golden cat’s mouth is wide open, teeth on full display. 🙂

leopards fighting 5 (800x552)

So what do you think? Fighting? Or just playing? Or courtship rituals in a leopard’s way?


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

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