It’s All About Character and Setting

I took this picture of John Wilson, who plays with a Celtic band and has a paranormal investigation service, was a guest, along with his wife, who sat at my dinner table at the Readers and Ritas this past weekend. Now, in the  original picture, he was standing by a bunch of raffle baskets. How boring is that?

Readers and Ritas conference John Wilson  002 copy (470x800)

And Dianna Love and Morgan Fox, both authors, needed their own lovely Christmas setting, I thought. Before this, it was the ball room set up for dinner.

Dianna Love, Morgan Fox copy (533x800)

On two big book deadlines so enough playing around, but wait, then there’s Kimmi Wakefield and me in a boring hotel hallway.

Photo: Okay, Kimmi Wakefield, did we have fun or what??? We just needed the knight in shining armor.

And my table decorated for dinner that Rana D. Adams took:

Photo: Thanks, Rana D. Adams, for the lovely table photo. See who came to dinner??? Looking for the rest of the pack, and that was us!

So some quick photoshop fun. Not the best, but really have to get back to book deadlines, but I wanted to “improve” the settings… and so there you have it!

Ever take a great fun picture and hate the background???

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

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