Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary–New Mexico


According to Rory Zoerb and the director, Leyton Cougar (who should be in one of my cougar books for certain with a name like that!), Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is  a non-profit organization and they’re always looking for ways to get more help to take care of their rescues: wolves, wolf-dogs, New Guinea Singing Dogs, Australian Dingoes and a little red fox. They have all kinds of wolf encounter experiences there at the sanctuary; hikes with wolves, cabin visits, photography tours, meet-n-greets, and more.

They  have four Ambassadors that have been socialized to humans and are able to participate in a variety of situations with the human they have bonded with. They do photo shoots on location too. Zoerro has been in a fair amount of film projects and photo shoots.


This is Zoerro with Rory. Don’t you love him?


This Leyton with Sabine, an Arctic wolf. She is Zoerro’s new girlfriend and they believe she will be going out and doing things with Zoerro in no time.

I haven’t had an Arctic find a gray wolf mate  in any of my books, but what do you think??? And then have Zoerro and Sabine at the book signing?

They have a two-story cabin that they rent out for only $85 a night (currently) so people can come and stay at their 90-acre sanctuary and get the full wolf experience. They have custom encounter packages
based on the desires of their guests. And the wolves get enrichment by going out and doing fun things with their human and their guests.

So who’s ready to go with me?


More pictures of the wolves coming up.

I’ve been to the one in Texas, the one near Omaha, NE twice, missed seeing the one near Colorado Springs while I was up there, and am going to see The International Wolf Center in Ely, MN in the fall.

But this one sounds perfect for a visit!

I’ve had several queries if I’d write another follow up to Legend of the White Wolf’s Arctic pack, and yes, I will. Also for Heart of the Wolf’s original pack as well. Just need more hours in the day to write! 🙂


Legend of the White Wolf

Arctic werewolves in a romantic suspense.

I’m back to working on A SEAL Wolf for Sale. I only have 20,000 words to write, then lots of editing to do before I turn it in.

Have a super great TGIF with Wolves!



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