Hewitt Dog Days of Summer Canine Event, Hewitt Park, Jun 14

Hewitt Public Library is putting on: Hewitt Dog Days of Summer Canine Event, Hewitt Park, 9 am to 1 pm, June 14.

This is a picture of me petting a wolf dog at a wolf reserve south of Houston, Texas. My purse kept slipping off my shoulder when my friend was trying to take a picture. I was afraid it would hit the wolf dog and I’d be in trouble. 🙂

Wolf Dog and Me4

I no longer have a dog, but bring yours and we can take pictures. I’ll be signing some of my books that feature dogs like The Highlander which has a sheep herding dog that features prominently in the story, and Irish Wolfhounds in my Highland wolf stories.


I’ve had several breeds of dogs over the years, but when my last standard poodle passed away, I decided to travel and it’s really hard for both of us for me to put them in a kennel when I can’t take them on trips.

So if you’re in the area, please stop by, bring your dog, pull up a chair, and we’ll get pictures. 🙂

Pets are so good for you. They bring you joy, help with bringing down blood pressure, can aid against the effects of arthritis if you have it in your hands and pet them, make you smile and laugh, great for photo ops, entertain, and they’re great for conversation starters. Think of 101 Dalmatians. You know me, always a romance angle. 🙂

I’m whittling away at the blogs I need to do. Three done this morning, working on the 4th, lots more after that. Finished the idea for the cover for A Silver Wolf Christmas. And then it’s time to get back to Jaguar Pride edits.

Happy Monday!

Back to blogs!


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