No Anonymous & Happy Memorial Day!

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More lovely buildings in New Orleans.

You ask what is No anonymous? It’s a support group for those of us who cannot say no.

Really. Or, at least if one doesn’t exist, it should.  Would I attend? Probably, if someone asked me because I can’t say the magic word: No.

When something becomes a problem in your life, whatever it is, it’s time to realize you have….a problem.

So there you have it. I am a Yes Person.

Sometimes I can say no. But you see, lots of folks think when I say no, it means maybe, if they can wear me down and get me to agree.

Sometimes I can say no and mean it. But that doesn’t happen often enough.

I told myself I would not schedule as many conferences this next year. I’ve already got 4 scheduled. Two are conflicting. How did that happen? Remember the magic word? I didn’t say it.


To my Higher Power,  I say, grant me the power to say no, more often! 🙂 And mean it. And not get talked into anything else.

But sometimes, I just want to say yes, because I think it’s a good idea, at the time… And then it’s too late to back out. You’d think I’d learn, but nope.

Do you ever find yourself saying YES! When you wished you had said, NO! 🙂

And with that note, I wish to salute all veterans, families of veterans and those who support them for Memorial Day and wish everyone a wonderful Monday wherever in the world you are today!


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