Sometimes Books Get in the Way

Yep, I’m a writer, and that means sometimes I have to just write–the book.

So Her Highland Hero is done and off to beta readers.

But we’ve had so many bad storms, that I’ve had to get off the computer a couple of times today, and yesterday.  What can you do if you can’t be on the computer? I worked on teddy bears. I couldn’t watch TV either!

But now I’m back to working on the latest project: His Wild Highland Lass, novella, a prequel to the Highland series and it will be featured in the anthology, Kissing the Highlander, coming in Feb.

The “fun” I had with this story is that I had to figure out dates. I thought I had it figured out–she was born in 1080, wait, that would be her sister’s oldest son’s age. Back to the calculator. 🙂 So after much playing around with dates, I finally came up with 1065, the year before William of Normandy conquered England. 🙂

You know what? It’s a lot easier to go forward in time, I figured, then going back in time and matching up dates for everyone else that have already been written about! 🙂

This rolled in yesterday afternoon, and I didn’t do anything with the photo, but shared it just as it looked on the camera. Really ominous. Torrential rains.

bad storms (640x427)Here are some earlier ones for the storm earlier in the day, showing off the sunflowers and cornfields and I caught a bird flying in that one.

bird  flying storms white cloudscloser up sunflowers storms paler blueThe giant sunflowers are towering way over the cornfields and you can see the ominous storms in the background.

Okay, I’m off to get some more work done on His Wild Highland Lass! The good thing is we agreed to about 20-23,000 words and that’s about 100-115,000 words for 5 of us.

And 20K is a piece of cake, right?

Well, maybe. It means writing shorter, writing one main plot and naught else, and so lassies and laddies, you can never tell.

Storms looked to be clearing out until early morning. Which means I have no excuse not to be writing. Have the 1st 1,000 done, 19,000 or so to go!

Have a lovely Wednesday!

Have a super great Tuesday!

her highland hero cover with title cursive copy


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