When Sun Meets Moon

sunrise and clouds (640x427)

I was out watering when I saw this beautiful sunrise. Now, I could say these are reeds in front of a beautiful lake, or on sand dunes in front of the ocean and off in the distance is a small island. Or I could tell the truth and say it’s a field of burned up corn (as in dried out, not blackened) and the acres beyond that right before the sun makes it’s appearance.

sunrise and clouds (2) (640x427)

And here it is, just peeking out. And right directly overhead of where I was standing, was the moon. So the sun was chasing the moon. Don’t you love the difference between the brilliant orange of the sun, the burning hot clouds and sky and the cool blue sky, soft snowy clouds, and snowy moon?

moon half (640x427)The clouds were soft, windswept high, high in the sky.


And finished making the bears for a special order. Still need to embroider their paws. 🙂

Mama Blue and Baby Blue Bears

Mama Blue and Baby Blue Bears

Off to get word count! Have a super great Sunday!

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3 thoughts on “When Sun Meets Moon

    • Thanks so much!!! See, the fun of teddy bears is they’re for the young and old. I made one for my husband’s grandmother who lived to be just short of 100 years old. When she was in the nursing home, she had the bear with her at all times. It’s was the sweetest sight. 🙂 <3 One of the last MacNeills in our family's line that is still a MacNeill is a veterinarian in Canada where my mother's family is from. He sent me a picture of his teddy bear collection, and as soon as I have time, I'm sending him his own MacNeill bear. 🙂

      • Aww that is so lovely that his grandmother had it with her even then. Aww he bet he’s gonna love that! I still have a teddy from when I was first born. He kept me company in the incubator (I was 3 months premature) and he came with me to all my operations right up until my last one when I was 15 (I had my leg amputated shortly after being born so it meant frequent visits to the hospital to have the bone trimmed back whilst I grew. Words cannot expressed how relieved I was when I finally stopped growing lol). I even had a name for him: Inca. 🙂

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