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Totally loved these reviews! I hadn’t been seeing any of these, so when my publicist sent the links,  it was exciting to see how much reviewers were enjoying the book! 

I have to say something about reviewers first–they don’t get paid to do this. They love books and love sharing something about the books they’ve enjoyed. Often, it’s a thankless job. They don’t get paid, repeating this, but any time you’re doing a lot of work for no pay, it needs to be mentioned. And often they don’t get much in the line of comments back, like many bloggers don’t. So they never know if readers are even interested in their posts. So when I learn of them, I go to their sites and share them with twitter and Google + etc, and on my blog, to help spread the word that they loved my books, but also that they have a great blog there. Let them know you loved what they said about your book!

Some share directly on my Timeline on FB, and that’s great. And I do too and share with other sites I’m a member of. And I tell them how much I appreciate them. I’ve met several in person at conferences too now, and I love it!

A long time ago, I also reviewed books for a site, while I was penning my own books. Every time I read one I LOVED, I reviewed it. If I read a book I didn’t love, I didn’t review it. Most often it was because it wasn’t the kind of story I like, no fault of the author.  And so there’s really no sense in me putting down a book in a review just because it wasn’t my cup of tea.  But the site closed due to the moderators’ inability to keep up with it. And definitely, I’ve been so swamped, I had a hard time with it too.

The joy for me was reading the books and sharing the love.  I didn’t expect to get anything in return. I just enjoyed doing it. In one case, readers who loved my review of a Highlander book ended up buying my Highlander books. And in another case, a fan of the young adult author posted about my blog review and that had lots of fans of hers checking out my YA books! It wasn’t something I had anticipated at all.

Some are of the notion that reviews don’t make any difference. But I’ve seen sales based on sharing reviews.

Some say you should never engage with a reviewer because this might look like you’re buying their reviews.

Reviewers are people. They love to know when readers and authors love their reviews. It makes them feel that all the time they spend on this (oftentimes despite busy schedules of their own), that their time and effort is really valued.

So today I want to thank reviewers who have taken the time to read A Highland Wolf Christmas and share how much they loved it!

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In keeping with Wolf Awareness Week:

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Just a snippet for your reading pleasure:

Tea and Books

It’s back to the Highlands in Terry Spear’s latest in her Heart of the Wolf Series. And as with the rest of her work, Terry tells a wicked tale. But her Highland Wolves are just a little more fun.

We’ve been skipping around between a couple of connected clans in the Heart if the Wolf Highland series and in A Highland Wolf Christmas, we return to the MacNeils. This time they have a party to plan.

Smoldering sensuality and Highland Highjinks makes this just a fun read. Add to that the mystery of why Calla is all but forced to consider the ex.. wonderful! Terry just offers us a delightful dish that I just want to eat up!

Thanks Terry for yet another Highland Delight.

Shauni http://teaandbook-shauni.blogspot.com/2014/09/a-highland-wolf-christmas-review.html

Addict of Romance

Calla is passionate and goes after what she wants. She is a she wolf, and a fighter, and when she sees Guthrie in her sights, she sees the type of man he is underneath his brooding exterior. This was such a delightful pair, there was such a strong connection that you see from the beginning, and you just want to cheer for them for the whole story. There was such a feeling of chemistry that emerges within every page that jumps out at you and clings to the reader and keeps you ever engaged.

Overall a winner of a paranormal romance!! I have adored what Terry Spear has done with this series, especially the past few books in dealing with sexy highlander that are wolf shifters….I mean seriously, can it get any better than that? This tale is packed with action packed scenes, rich filled characters, stunning detail, and a fun romp of a romance that is rewarding and a page turner to remember!! INCREDIBLY WELL DONE!! http://addictofromance.blogspot.com/2014/09/arc-book-review-highland-wolf-christmas.html

My Grade
5 Blossoms

Heat Rating


Tome Tender

My Review:
A Highland Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear

What a delightful Scottish werewolf Christmas story!

Calla Stewart is a party planner. She has been hired by the MacNeill clan to arrange their holiday celebration, which means she will have to squeeze every dollar out of the tight wad Guthrie MacNeill. Even though she knows its going to be difficult to deal with Guthrie, Calla plans on giving the MacNeill clan a Christmas to remember.

But before Calla’s journey even begins, her ex-fiance’ turned deadly stalker accelerates his pursuit bringing out all the protective instincts of the MacNeill clan. Surprising Calla, leading her protection is none other than Guthrie, himself.

Highlander werewolves in kilts, what could be any better than that…

There is nothing like a marvelously captivating paranormal romance by Terry Spear’s to get you in the holiday spirit. A Highland Wolf Christmas is a marvelously captivating story with a great reunion of past characters we’ve come to adore. I highly recommend you ring in the holidays with A Highland Wolf Christmashttp://tometender.blogspot.com/2014/09/a-highland-wolf-christmas-by-terry.html?zx=b3dc892874baf016


Bitten by Books

Guthrie MacNeill is worried about pack finances, and believes that a Christmas party is unnecessary, especially since they have hired Calla and plan to make it a huge affair. Upon Calla’s arrival at Argent Castle, Guthrie finds himself attracted to her, and after discovering the trouble she is having with Baird stalking her, he arranges for pack members to be her personal bodyguards, keeping her in sight always. Guthrie becomes more enamored of Calla the longer she stays at Argent, and as their attraction increases, so do Baird’s evil intentions.

Calla is a definite alpha, a strong and independent woman with the courage to leave a situation that was not right for her. Guthrie is also alpha, strong, and courageous, taking on the responsibility of the pack’s finances and of educating the younger members in math and finance. I enjoyed watching their relationship develop and was bothered by Baird’s constant attempts to cause harm to Calla and spark a feud between his pack and the MacNeills. A Highland Wolf Christmas was a fun and exciting story from Terry Spear, and as always, I was thoroughly captivated. http://bittenbybooks.com/a-highland-wolf-christmas-by-terry-spear/

Book Stats:

  • Mass Market Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (October 7, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1402293763
  • ISBN-13: 978-1402293764

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A Highland Wolf ChristmasA Highland Wolf Christmas

Heart of the Wolf #15 | 07/10/2014

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It’s going to take a lot of mistletoe…

Guthrie MacNeill, financial advisor for his clan and werewolf pack, is at his wit’s end when the pack leader’s mate hires a gorgeous party planner to bring holiday cheer to the castle. Guthrie’s wildly attracted to Calla, except he can’t reconcile the fact that his job is to save the clan’s money, and hers seems to be to spend it.


Sourcebooks Holiday Hop + iPad Mini Giveaway: A Highland Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear

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“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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