Raining for Two Days–And That’s Great! More Before and After!

I shipped off nine bears yesterday and finished reading over SEAL Wolf Hunting.  I was up at 3 am to 11 pm and up at 4 am this morning. Argh. I just have too much to do and still have at least 14 bears to make. I’m working on dresses for 5 more Steampunk bears and then once 4 of the bears are dressed, need to sew on their hats and they’re done. I’ll try to ship them out on Friday.

So that’s why I haven’t been doing my blog. Trying to get a million things done, including finally running into town to do errands that I couldn’t do all last week because of the tile guys. Now my water heater isn’t working. I think it’s a fuse that’s blown. I need to get an electrician out to see about the circuit breaker. I think if I turn up the heat on the water heater, it blows the fuse. But if I don’t turn up the heat on the thermostat, my guests have barely any hot water, and I think that’s why I’m having such a time with my dishes getting clean in the dishwasher. Soooo, need to get that taken care of pronto.

This is a picture I took when the cornfields were high and the sky was stormy. I was actually trying to get a shot of the new shrubs and hoping they’d make it. But when I did it, I saw how horrible the driveway looked. I see it all the time, but it’s like I didn’t really see it. Some of it is because of the winds we have and the plowing they do all the time. But also, this has accumulated for about 17 years since my dad passed away. He was always keeping things clean. My mom couldn’t.

Blackened driveway

Blackened driveway

So, that was one of the things I had done. One of the workmen cleaned the driveways and the brick. I’ll have to show a picture of the brick after I take the new one. I thought I had, but I’d only taken of the Before. I’ve tried to hose it down myself, but it just didn’t work without a high-powered washer and they used bleach to also make a difference.

Here is the driveway when it’s clean.

Driveway cleaned

Driveway cleaned

What a difference, eh???

Okay, enough goofing off. Got to read over A SEAL Wolf Hunting one last time, and turn it in. And finish up the Steampunk Bears and show them off. And proof two audiobooks and read over A Silver Wolf Christmas once last time and turn it in. And reread Call of the Cougar again, and publish it. 🙂 <3

Have a lovely Wednesday! It’s a vampire day. It’s pouring. Speaking of which, not of rain, but of vampires…I’m having two artists redo vampire teen covers for me. 🙂 Will show off when they’re finished. 🙂 <3


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  1. Terry, they say Einstein never slept. But he took power naps. Put keys in one of your hands make a fist and try to take a nap while seated. When your hand relaxes enough you will drop the keys and the noise will wake you up. but you still will feel refreshed.

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