More Bears Ready to Ship! Anderson Clan, Ross Clan, and Douglas Clan Bears!

Anderson Clan Bear

Anderson Clan Bear

Ross Clan Bear (640x571)

Ross Clan Bear

Douglas Clan Bear

Douglas Clan Bear

Six more bears finished, but I still need to take pictures of the others. These are the 3 latest Clan bears, Ross Clan, Douglas Clan, and Anderson Clan. I also need to make Davidson Clan Bear, but the fabric never arrived from Scotland, so they’re sending another.

I’m working on A Silver Wolf Christmas, halfway done, and I put up the Christmas tree, just the tree, because my son has to be away over Christmas, so we’ll have an early Christmas. Which means I’ve got to get on the ball and shop really fast! I haven’t actually decorated it yet, just have the lights on. I’ll do the rest first part of next week. I usually put up the tree the day AFTER Thanksgiving, but when I told my son I was decorating for Christmas, he was thrilled because he didn’t get to see anything decorated for Christmas last year either since he was doing the same thing then. And it’s my daughter’s birthday, so we’re celebrating that also. Lots of fun. I have to shop for that too. LOL See, if they just wanted my bears and books, I’d be all set. 🙂


And I’ve been sealing the grout for the new tile. The tile guys said it would be $600. The other man, $300. I picked up a gallon jug and it’s $32. I just did the bathroom and have to do the laundry room next. It’s super easy, but I have a lot of grout to do. I want to get it done before too many come and walk all over it.

I’ll be shipping bears today and getting groceries. Have to start thinking about Thanksgiving!

I’m back to working on A Silver Wolf Christmas. I finished 6 bears yesterday and put up the tree, or I would have been further along on the book. I also asked a cover artist if she could create a cover for a book that my editor turned down and hope to have it edited and coming out early next year. And I’ve commissioned another artist to redo the cover for Kiss of the Vampire, and she has done a 2nd cover for the Blood Moon Series. As soon as she has finished them, I’ll show them here. Can’t wait to show them off. 🙂

And that’s it! Got to get back to editing.  Have a lovely Thursday!


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