What was I Thinking???

 Dear readers,

Okay, there are good things and bad things with having a 5 mo old puppy and an 8 1/2 week old puppy at the same time–when you need to do something else like write.

Tanner--8 1/2 weeks old

Tanner–8 1/2 weeks old

5 mo old Max & 8 1/2 week Tanner

5 mo old Max & 8 1/2 week Tanner

The bad news is, Max decided to mark his territory. The good news is they played together and they even slept together last night. The bad news is that Tanner needs the rudiments of housebreaking which means holding him on my lap to chew on a chewstick and taking him outside periodically.

I’m still taking time for each of them to bond as there’s some jealousy. Max wouldn’t chew sticks any longer, so naturally, now he wants them because the puppy does. I have to remind myself I’m the alpha pack leader. *sigh*

And it’s only been less than a day. 🙂  Okay, off to catch up on everything I’m behind on. Which is everything. 🙂

Have a super great day!!!

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6 thoughts on “What was I Thinking???

    • Thanks, Emily. They are adorable. It is. Max had no accidents in the house until Tanner came home. And now he’s been scent-marking a couple of rugs I got him. Argh. Tanner doesn’t know any better. I’ve forgotten how much you have to take puppies that young out. So I’ve been having him chew on a chewstick on my lap and then take him out periodically. When I put him down, Max is getting too rough on him now and Tanner wants back in my lap. Right now, Max is sleeping in my lap and Tanner is in his bed. *whew* So getting caught up on blogs and emails, before they both wake again. What a job. 🙂 But they are the sweetest. And this too shall pass. 🙂 I keep telling myself. lol

  1. Oh my don’t you have your hands full! They are both darling and I wish you all the luck in the world!☺

    • They both slept on my lap while I watched TV last night. It’s time like that, that you know it’s going to be good, once the housebreaking is done. We really have our ups and downs with it. But they’re both learning to stay and then come at the same time. That is the cutest. I am teaching Tanner to circle, but I’ll have to teach him to sit (he does it automatically) and I’m working on down. 🙂 That was harder with Max too since they automatically sit.

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