Puppies and Their Antics!

Max and Tanner

Max and Tanner

Max is 6 months old, Tanner 10 weeks Havenese puppies.

Still working daily on getting word count goal. 5,000 done, 75,000 to go on SEAL Wolf Diving! Have to have 2500 today, so have 200. I know. A ways to go. But I have to stop and figure where I’m going with this next. Total seat of the pants writer. Can’t plot for the life of me.

It is freezing out!!! 13 degree chill factor. It’s just Tanner and me this morning while Max is still at the vet. We’ll pick him up this afternoon.

Tanner’s pretty much housebroken now. He woke me up late last night to go out in the Arctic cold–well, for us–and I didn’t mind because he really had to go out, and he went right back to bed after that. He hasn’t  had any accidents for about 3 days. So it’s getting much better.

While I was getting this video ready, he was barking at that little dog that was barking, unbeknownst to him that the little dog barking was him. After I played with the video a few more times, he ignored it. Which is what I wanted. This might be a great training video to get him used to dogs barking in his house and ignoring it. 🙂

Now, if only I could do that with Max when he comes home.

It was fun working with Tanner all by himself yesterday, more training today. He was shaking hands, like Max will do. But unlike Max, Tanner will offer either paw. And he’s learned down, but I hadn’t been sure because Max would lie down and I’d have to give him a treat while Tanner was trying to get the other one out of my hand. To do it on verbal command, not yet. But bringing my hand down to the floor works. So next it will be verbal command only. Both circle at the same time and that’s really cute. 🙂

Okay, got to get to work on word count. Tanner finally fell asleep on my lap after 3 1/2 hours of playing and going outside…time for me to get to work.

Have a super, wonderful, albeit very cold day!!!

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2 thoughts on “Puppies and Their Antics!

  1. Love the pictures of your babies!!! Hope max is well?
    Cold here too…-26C yesterday, today is better, only -11C.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • OMG, that is too cold. 🙂 Thanks on the pictures. They’re so good together, although I had to put the cone on Max and it’s made him grouchy with Tanner. Tanner thinks it’s a great plaything.

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