Fun with Fog! Remember The Wizard of Oz Movie from Black and White to Color?

fog and peach orchard (640x427)fog and peach orchard pastel (640x427)fog and peach orchard rainbow fog  (640x427)

This is not Oz, but the fae world. 🙂 <3

It’s time to take those gloomy days and make them bright. 🙂

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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4 thoughts on “Fun with Fog! Remember The Wizard of Oz Movie from Black and White to Color?

  1. Is that your neighbor’s peach orchard? I hope I can remember to check and see if they are selling them this year, they sure are good. I can taste me some peach cobbler now. lol

  2. Sorry, Tom, I would have answered this before but all my comments were going to spam. 🙁 Just found them there. Yes, that’s their peach orchard. I’m sure they’ll be selling them! 🙂 If you ever want pears, just drop by and get some. I think I’ll have the one tree cut down because no one wants them. 🙁

  3. Oh I love pears also. We had a pear tree years ago. My Mom made preserves that we fought over. Somehow I doubt mine would enjoy that popularity but it might be fun to try. I could certainly make a prize winning mess in the kitchen ha ha. Maybe I’ll take you up on that offer. At least it would give us something to laugh about. Send me a heads up when they are about to be ready if you remember. Cheers

  4. Okay, super! They are cooking pears. My daughter made pear bread for her hubby and his coworkers. And others have come by to pick them to make stuff with. 🙂

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