Turning the Puppy Upside Down

Tanner and my tennis shoe looking at me (640x540)

Tanner and my tennis shoe.

Tanner and the doggy bag (360x640)


Tanner and the doggy pickup bag.


Tanner and my flip flop (360x640)Tanner and my flip flop.

“Leave it, Tanner. Tanner, drop it.” Outside, I’m having a better success at getting him to drop things. Inside…I turn him upside down, not like by the legs. I hold him like a baby and just tilt my arms so that he’s part way upside down, but still totally secure against me, and then he drops whatever he’s got that I don’t want him to have.

🙂 I know. I know. It’s totally not the way to go. He’s getting my attention when I need to just be firmer with him.


He’s way too stubborn. And if I try to take it away from him, then it’s a really fun game of tug-of-war, even if I’m not pulling and just telling him to drop it. 🙂

But we’ll get there. 🙂

snail close up (360x640)

I took a close up photo with my phone of a snail, wow. Amazing how great it looks.

MacLeod Clan bear and Max

MacLeod Clan bear and Max

Fraser Clan Bear

Fraser Clan Bear

I’ve been finishing up some bears. Note while I was taking pictures of the bears, Max was helping with MacLeod Clan Bear to make sure he was sitting up properly. These two are for one order, and I’m finishing up two more for another order.

I got 2,000 words done on Taming the Wild Cougar.

Taming the Wild Cougar WEB 05082015

But I was 1300 short on Billionaire. Was doing some brainstorming and research though.

And, I’ve been walking 3 miles for the last 3 days. 🙂

Soooo, off to blog and another site and then it’s time to work on Billionaire, and make up for yesterday! And finish up the last two bears!

Have a super great Saturday!!! Mine is totally booked!


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