The Ticking Time Bomb! Finding the Lost Item–Think Indiana Jones Here…

A fan posted this on my FB page this morning and I have to say it really made my day!

AWESOME ! JAGUAR PRIDE IS AWESOME ! Mackenzie Cartwright “Excellent choice for the narration, she has a great VOICE!! — making my wish list —- reading it twice LOL actually I haven’t got the How to find writer or books they keep pushing covers of writers I don’t know because they write the same stories of my choice Cougar one is waiting ..

I either was running errands and shipping 4 of the bears I needed to, grocery shopping–and the clerk put my eggs in with a bunch of other groceries and I didn’t know it and every one of them was broken when I got home–and such. Then I get a call from the IRS, supposedly, saying they were suing me. I didn’t answer the phone. Unknown caller, no picky up. Anyway, I knew it was a scam as the IRS only sends threatening letters that you’re going to prison, not phone calls. They also send registered? mail that you have to sign for if they’re after someone–like when I lived at my other house. The guy who had owned it two owners earlier was wanted by the IRS. I kept telling my kids: DON’T sign for that letter. Or they’ll think he’s living at our house still and hiding out there.

No matter how many times I told the mailman the guy had sold to another man, then that man sold to me and I didn’t even know the original owner, periodically, the mailman would return with another registered? letter. Can’t remember which one requires a signature. Maybe certified. Anyway, I could just envision a SWAT team swooping down on my house to arrest him, and me–for hiding him. Hey, I’m a storyteller at heart. It’s in my blood.

So I had to emphasize to my kids, who are the sweetest and thinking they’d help Mom out if I was out back working in the gardens or something, and would sign for stuff, this was one thing they could not sign for. I could just see the IRS taking my house away from us to pay off this guy’s tax debts. Yeah, far out, but with the IRS, even some of the worst criminals who got away with murder went to prison for tax fraud and evasion.

Okay, so I was going to make this really short so that I would get some word count in because yesterday I wrote 200 words. That’s it. But I was looking for something, and looking and looking and searching and searching. I got a trunk load of stuff to take to Goodwill, a kitchen garbage can’s worth of trash ready to go, all because I was searching, organizing, cleaning, and I ended up walking 2 more miles than normally, just trying to find the object of my desire.

You can spend all your life looking for something, but you can’t in a story. You need a ticking time bomb. Something that forces the character to keeping working toward that find. I found other things by the way, got other stuff ready to ship that I’ve been meaning to, needed flash drives for the job, and found some while searching, so I didn’t spend ALL day searching for the all important treasure, but I did for most of the day. Then I gave up. I’ve done this several times already on different days. Just cleaned out, sorted, organized, and was still at a loss as to where it was.

So I was watching Castle, tired, didn’t do anything but watch the show, when I should have been at least working on another bear. But I didn’t. I was still thinking–where could it be?

And I had it! And I checked. And sure enough, there it was.

Now, it bothered me that I had very little word count, and that for every day I’ve done this, same thing. BUT, I also cleaned out a bunch of stuff I didn’t need, and I exercised more, and I really, really had to find it by today (my ticking time bomb), or pay $75 and go through a whole lot of a hassle to fix it, and still have the worry about sending it off. Plus, I KNEW I’d find it and be so annoyed with myself for not having found it before I had to pay $75 etc, etc, etc.

Now? Easy as eating a piece of pie. But more running of errands, and that’s okay. They have to be done too now.

Oh, and yes, I did consider the missing item had something to do with the fae moving it. 🙂

Hawk Fae book 6 eyes (532x800)

Was having fun with cloud pictures yesterday on one of my trips out with the puppies.

sun against clouds fun(640x360)

Fun with clouds and sky.

It means running more errands today and not getting much writing done, though I did write maybe another 200 words last night and I need to type the notes up. But have other stuff going on and soooooo…*sigh* Which is why this was going to be a short note today.

Puppies after they got me up at 5:30 to take them out.

Puppies after they got me up at 5:30 to take them out.

I’m a writer. Writing short is just really hard for me. LOL

Sooooo tell me you lose things too and spend hours searching for them! Do you ever had a ticking time bomb propelling you to find it, find other stuff instead, and not the item you really need? Then give up, and voila! You find it?

My daughter had this made for me because my old cover was disintegrating.

My daughter had this made for me because my old cover was disintegrating. In the Texas heat, having a steering wheel cover really helps. Now, I just need a Jaguar to go with it.

Have a super great day! I went to bed very happy last night. Time bomb averted.



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4 thoughts on “The Ticking Time Bomb! Finding the Lost Item–Think Indiana Jones Here…

  1. Whenever something goes missing at my house it can only be my fault, the dogs, or the Fae. Since the dogs are so sweet, cuddly, and give me that innocent look with those cute eyes, I always blame the poor Fae. If the dogs get caught red handed then it must have been the Fae that made them do it. lol

    • lol, Tom. Yes, absolutely. Here I was going to blame Max for jumping on my bed, when he’s not supposed to, but he keeps leaving his toys up there, so I KNOW he did it. Tanner can’t jump up on things yet. But then again, maybe the fae are framing him for it. 🙂

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