I Think My Puppies are Part Wolf…

Wolves of Ely

Wolves of Ely

I took this picture of the wolf pack at Ely, The International Wolf Center. The black wolf, Luna, is barely visible. She’s the alpha female of the pack. Aidan and Denali are brothers. And the other wolf, Boltz, is Luna’s brother.

I think I’m raising a couple of wolf cubs. I picked up new food for the puppies since Max is now 1 years old. Tanner is still on puppy food at 9 mos. But man, they tried to rip through the sacks like a couple of wolves. They wolf down their food like they’ve been starving for days. I’m getting some dishes that will make them take a little more time to get to their food. I tried an insert in their own dishes, but it didn’t work well.

And usually at night they’re fine about not getting fed again, for the most part. But not last night. One feeding of the new stuff and they were practically howling for more. Whining, trying to figure a way to get to the food way up above. And here I worried they might not like it!

Havanese are oftentimes finicky eaters, all the forums I read say. They barely will eat their food during the day. NOT mine. They are a couple of wolves.

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2 thoughts on “I Think My Puppies are Part Wolf…

  1. I’m glad your hounds have a healthy appetite, as do mine. It may be partly youthful enthusiasm, but mostly competition between them. I have had dogs that would lie down by their dinner dish and have a leisurely meal, while others ate like yours, growling if another dog even looked their way. It reminds me of a funny story from Jerry Clower (I hope I am crediting the right source). “Old June had some left over (and really slick) boiled okra in her bowl and it went down so fast she thought the other dog got it and jumped on him” Ha Ha I love me some Jerry Clower stories!

  2. lol, that is too funny! I think I told you that when I started training Tanner with the collar, he thought Max was attacking him. And he’d attack him right back.Poor Max. But yeah, I’d be worried if they didn’t eat. And they do exercise. They tear around outside like a couple of greyhounds. Just as fast as my Afghan hound did. It’s amazing to see. Max is faster. Tanner has shorter legs and still younger. And Max will grab his tail and pull him down. It doesn’t hurt him, but rather than run the whole way, he just grabs a hold of his tail to short stop him. 🙂 Yeah, Max eats a little slower than Tanner, and it’s definitely got something to do with competition.

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