So You Want to be the Alpha of the Pack, then…

You have to eat BEFORE the rest of the gang. The alpha wolves eat the kill first. Everyone else has to wait. Think of the royal families eating before their servants are served. Can you imagine if the servants ate first?

If you’re settling down, you must sit above the rest of the pack. Up on a rock, the dais (in medieval times for the head of the household, family and honored guests), on the couch (and that means the others sit on the floor at your feet, but no WAY does anyone sit above you on the back of the couch or you will lose your pack status. Just saying.)

Max and Tanner brainstorming

Looks who’s on the top of the couch, and who’s below!

Aidan, lying on rock, tail up (640x427)

Alpha Wolf All the Way

The way it’s supposed to be.

If you say come, you mean it and they obey. (No allowing any whining, or out and out ignoring you. Or saying, “I mean it,” which means you have lost the battle already.)

No sleeping in your bed. That is the alpha’s bed. The king’s. (Anyone else can sleep on the floor in their own beds, servant’s pallets, whatever. But you see, you are still above them.)

Life of a puppy

Got it Covered

Ever play king of the hill? Yep, the one on top is in charge.

If you don’t adhere strictly to these rules, you will be a wishy-washy alpha, and your minions will see your weakness and exploit it whenever they can. Trust me, they’re testing you. One little slip and you’re pudding in their hands.

So if you want to be the Alpha, really, really want to be the Alpha, lay down the rules. And stick to them. Or you might end up being at the bottom of the heap. Denali is the brother to the bigger alpha wolf. The female, Luna, is the alpha female and she will take down any of the wolves, except for the alpha male. Her brother, Boltz, is smaller like her.  So watch out that the tables aren’t turned and you end up like this.

Aidan, Luna, Boltz picking on Denali (640x376)

Don’t you love my words of wisdom? I just finished reviewing Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing and am almost ready to turn it in. So I’m back to Taming the Wild Cougar! 22,000+ words done! Have a great Sunday!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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