Trying Something New in Promotions & Cloud Textures

I’m not sure it’s going to make all that much of a difference, but they had a free trial for their site for a month, so giving it a shot. It’s cool the way they set up a “Bubble” to show your author profile and then an excerpt of the book. Since Taming the Wild Cougar is coming out in October, I wanted to see if it would help with preorder sales or not.

I tried one for Dragon Fae and had these results.

Date facebook icon twitter icon email icon bublish icon
August 6 6 3
August 5 31 63 17
August 4 27 45 14
Total 206
This is for views on the various sites. The first day, I posted a preview of Dragon Fae’s first chapter. The second day an excerpt of Hawk Fae, the follow-on book. No increase in sales on either.
So I deleted the book and started over again. This is after an hour of posting it. I wanted to see if a different book would have more of an impact. Usually adult books (romance) do, and since this is a preorder with a highly discounted price, I thought it might.
Date facebook icon twitter icon email icon bublish icon
August 6 40 46 15

So we’ll see. I figure I can’t go wrong with a free promotional tool. If nothing comes of it, then I don’t lose any money. They say if you have a new bubble up today or tomorrow, it’ll go into the special weekend reads. So I should be all set.

Line of Thunderstorms, Textured Sky

Line of Thunderstorms, Textured Sky

Line of Thunderstorms, Original Photo

Line of Thunderstorms, Original Photo

Starry Night

Line of Thunderstorms, Starry Night

Playing with more textures. The top has two different cloud texture layers.  The first was similar to the blue of the original blue sky. The second had a pretty aqua coloring. And then I did a light erase on the clouds to show the build up. The last picture I added a blue grunge to make it appear darker like night, and a galaxy sky. I always want to photography the stars all in the night sky. But they rarely show up. So here, I can do it. lol

Okay, just finished Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing to turn in and got copy edits for SEAL Wolf in Too Deep. *sigh*  Was going to get back to Taming the Wild Cougar. And need to make up 4 bears this weekend. 🙂

Okay, back to edits!!! 🙂 Have a super wonderful TGIF.


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