Starting Over!

Let me think on that

Let me think on that

The beginning of the story is oftentimes not the beginning of the story. I have to remind myself of this repeatedly. So when I have to start over from the beginning, it doesn’t matter that my 7600 words is now 2700. It’s okay, because the story needs to be told in the new way. And it’s okay that I’ve done this twice already and this is the third shot at it.

In romance novellas with suspense and action, and the paranormal, and romance, you’ve got to try to incorporate all if it early on. Because it’s shorter than a novel, I don’t have time to build up the plot. Or several of them.  Though I often start with some action, suspense, trouble. Sometimes I just need to work on my back story a bit to get a feel for the new characters. Learn something about them. I don’t make character lists. For me, that would be boring and I’d lose all interest in the story.

So I’m hoping I can catch up on my word count because I was just planning my word count goal for this book and the next that have deadlines, and not much wiggle room. 🙂 I do hope to write The Viking’s Highland Lass also, after Jaguar Christmas is turned in in November.

That means I’m back to writing… 4900 words to go to catch up. 🙂 Maybe I’ll make it by tomorrow. lol

Have a great Saturday! Have a Maxwell Clan bear to make this weekend also.



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