Black Highland Cow in the Highlands

black Highland cow (640x427)

I loved the backdrop of the mountains and clouds in Scotland here.  The black Highland cow almost looks like a stature there.

black Highland cow portrait with bracken (640x427)

Here the black Highland cow is wearing bracken. The dots around his face were pesky flies.

Have to get ready to promote A Silver Wolf Christmas and need to write on Jaguar Christmas again! Have a great day!


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2 thoughts on “Black Highland Cow in the Highlands

  1. Scotland surely is pretty, I hope I can see it sometime. The cow appears to have quite a winter coat of hair so either it is fairly cold or it will be cold soon?

  2. Just got back last night and was playing around with my pictures. They are long-haired cattle. But it does go down to 40’s and was in the 60’s during the day. Sooooo nice. Then I come home to 97 degrees. Ugh. lol

    The temperatures were higher the week before. But as the weeks pass, it looked like they were going to be in the 50’s high. I wore several layers of clothing. Not acclimated from Texas 100’s to Scotland’s 40-50’s. We went on a glass bottom boat, and the breeze was cold. A couple of times we had quite a chilly breeze. I wore gloves one day. Loved it! We were there in Oct another year, and it was colder, but not by much. But it can be a lot colder. Fall colors were pretty then. This year, the heather and other flowers were all in bloom, but apparently it usually has faded by now. So we were really fortunate.

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