Butterflies are Swarming!

Or playing, flying, settling, having fun in the warmth and sun again.  So I sat out and took some pictures, had one fly next to my ear and I felt like I was in a fairy garden.

butterflies 004 (800x534)

Sitting on the holly, his wings nearly transparent. They usually fly off, but this one stayed while I took a couple of pictures.

butterflies 030 (800x533)

Loved this one and it’s shadow on the tree trunk.

butterflies 031 (800x534)

This one had a brother by the chair in the foreground while I focused on the one in the background.

butterflies 038 (800x534)

A butterfly enjoying a pear. This one was half eaten by a bunny too.

To the right, a butterfly, to the left, a grasshopper

To the right, a butterfly, to the left, a grasshopper

And the pears are what attract them in the first place. Aren’t they pretty? A fairy garden.

Okay, I’m off to write. Have a lovely in the middle of the week day!


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2 thoughts on “Butterflies are Swarming!

  1. Most of butterflies I have been seeing lately are the solid pale yellow. No marks at all. My Pom loves to chase them.

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    • oh, how neat on the yellow butterflies! I had one yellow swallowtail in the summer, never had seen one before, and loved seeing it. lol on your pom! My puppies chase the grasshoppers.

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